ter pay and greater opportunities for promotion.To move peopl▓e out of poverty, Xi believes, it is crucial to instill in them an aspiration to live better.From ▓1988 to 1990, Xi was secretary of the CPC Ningde Prefectural Committee in Fujian."I saw ▓Ningde as a weak bird that needed to make an early ▓start, work with perseverance and no▓t feel ashamed of lagging behind. Work incessantly and it will eventually take on a new look," Xi said.Some of Xi's speeches in Ningde were later compiled into a book titled "Out of Poverty," which Xi said could serv

e as a guideline."For those in poverty, a lack of morale will get them nowhere," Xi said."In the battle against poverty, no corruption, fraudulence or blind pursuit of politic▓al achievements can be allowed," Xi▓ said, adding that secretaries of the CPC county committees or county ma

d▓, to go

gistrates should work ▓at the very frontline and make concre▓te efforts.Only with a down

-to-earth style and concrete efforts can cadres fulfill the promises of eliminating po

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